5 Minutes with MBA Graduate Michael Sierp

5 Minutes with MBA Graduate Michael Sierp

Michael Sierp is not only a Graduate of AIB’s MBA programme, he is also a business owner and has guest lectured at AIB on Entrepreneurship. In this short interview, he shares his experience studying the MBA, and how it has helped his entrepreneurial journey.

Before undertaking the MBA, what was your educational background?

My education prior to the MBA began with a science degree, followed by an honours degree and PhD in Biology with Chemistry. I then did a Cert IV in Commercial Scuba Diving and also a Cert IV in Marine Surveying.

Why did you initially decide to study the AIB MBA?

I initially wanted to study the MBA due to its 12 month format. I’d just come out of doing my doctorate, and the thought of doing a very long course after just completing a very long course would have been a little bit tedious, but to do a high-intensity 12 month course really appealed to me.

How has the MBA helped you in setting up your own business?

The MBA has basically given me the tools I need to deal with the daily challenges and problems involved in setting up and also growing a business. It has been great to know where to find those tools as well quite quickly because business is a daily battle with time, and if you know where to get that information from quickly, you can promote your business quickly and earn better profits.

Did you find the practical focus of AIB’s MBA particularly beneficial for you?

I did. The practical side of things meant that when I had a particular issue I wanted to solve, I had the background to be able to find the solution and apply it directly to the problem, and I used that time and time again.

Did the fact that the MBA is globally recognised appeal to you?

It definitely did appeal to me because a lot of people are studying this MBA in other countries, so straight away you’ve got a networking angle there. If people know the institution and respect it, then that means that they’ve got more trust in you as a person that can deliver on the job that they’re asking you to do.

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This article has been constructed by Megan Baker from an AIB interview. The very best has been done to accurately reflect the thoughts and opinions of the participant. 

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