10 Business Lessons We Can Learn From Michelle Bridges

10 Business Lessons We Can Learn From Michelle Bridges

Known as Australian television’s queen of fitness, Michelle Bridges wowed the audience with her keynote speech at a recent AIB Alumni Event in Sydney. Using a combination of personal experience and fitness analogies, she delivered some very practical advice to the audience of alumni, students and industry leaders. Best-known for her role as a trainer on The Biggest Loser, Michelle has worked hard to shape her own career and business within the fitness industry. Most recently, she created the online 12 Week Body Transformation which has helped people around the world lose over 2,000,000 kilograms to date. For those who were unable to attend the event, we’ve compiled a list of the top business lessons she shared throughout the evening.

1. Be clear on what you want

From the outset and throughout, Michelle Bridges preached that you must ask yourself what you want. She said that this applies in any context, from a job promotion to spending more time with your children. When you have a clear picture of what you want to achieve in your mind, you will be able to take the next steps towards this dream.

2. Action is key

While Michelle emphasised the importance of creating a business plan, one of her main lessons was to always focus on taking the next steps towards what you want. She asked, “What action will you choose to reach your goal?” stating, “My personal opinion is once you’ve taken that first step, the next step will appear”.

3. Don’t be afraid to be bold

Michelle gave the example of her attitude when she was 26 versus her attitude as her career evolved. As a 26-year-old, she was “ballsy” and bold, however, she explained that for many over time this can become dormant. She encouraged the audience to wake up their “ballsiness”, and use it in their careers.

4. Understand that you will experience challenges

No matter your business goal, we are bound to experience challenges along the way. Michelle Bridges told the audience that while she hated the word ‘fail’, you must get ready for it and expect to fail at least once. She explained that she does not believe that it can be a failure if you are prepared to get up and move on with the lesson from it. She stated, “Hundreds and hundreds of successful people have failed, thousands and thousands of times”.

5. Believe in yourself

When considering your goals, Michelle advised that you must to believe in yourself and believe in what you are setting out to do. She said that believing in yourself “is critical for all of the other steps to occur”, such as planning and taking action.

6. Don’t take ‘no’ for an answer

Using the example of her rise to success on television, Michelle explained that she once trained at a gym where popular TV show host, Kerri-Anne Kennerley, worked out. She persisted and persisted with Kerri-Anne until one day she gave Michelle the details of the show’s producers. Since then, Michelle’s mantra has been to never give up, and don’t take ‘no’ straight off the bat. She said, “Why not? What have you got to lose? You’ve already been told ‘no’ once. What are they going to do? Say ‘no’?”

7. Plans change and that is okay

While a plan towards achieving your goal is essential, Michelle Bridges emphasised that this does not mean that they are set in concrete. She said, “You can change your plan at any time. You can tweak it and massage it in order to then start hitting the benchmarks that you’ve put within it”.

8. J-F-D-I

According to Michelle, the acronym JFDI is something that she uses for absolutely everything. For those playing at home, the G-rated version of this is “just flipping do it”. Otherwise said, if you have an idea, plan, or goal – get out there and make it happen! Stop thinking about whether you should do it and take the necessary actions towards it.

9. Your past does not have to equal your future

This lesson is one that Michelle uses in a business sense, as well as with her clients and contestants. She said, “Your past does not have to reflect your future if you’re prepared to make a change in the now”.

10. Resistance equals persistence

Commonly used as a drill with her clients, ‘resistance equals persistence’ is one of Michelle’s favourite quotes. What you resist persists, and what you sweep under the carpet magically turns up at the front door. Why is this so? Michelle said, “because you’re giving so much energy trying to resist it, that it’s actually growing”. 

What do you think?

Were you lucky enough to be in the audience at this AIB Alumni Event? I’d love to hear what other business lessons you took away from Michelle Bridges’ speech that we can add to the list! Comment below to share your views.

This article was written by Laura Hutton on behalf of the Australian Institute of Business. All opinions are that of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of AIB. 

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