3 Fears That Aspiring Entrepreneurs Need To Overcome

3 Fears That Aspiring Entrepreneurs Need To Overcome

Fears, mistakes and excuses are often the three biggest triggers that prevent aspiring entrepreneurs from achieving their goals. But in order to succeed you need a positive mindset, clear goal and the willingness to take small steps towards self-improvement every day.  

It is also the conversations shared between certain people which can impart doubt in our visions and hold us back from achieving greatness. However, it is our choice whether we listen to and take on such negativity, or trust the instincts and knowledge we have to take educated risks.

Here are 3 common fears shared amongst aspiring entrepreneurs and tips to overcome each one in order to turn your passion into a reality.

FEAR 1: Not being able to tackle challenges ahead.

SOLUTION 1: Focus on being the best at improving.  

With an ever-changing business landscape and words of negativity bringing you down, the most important thing for an aspiring entrepreneur to overcome is a lack of self-belief to tackle challenges ahead. No doubt, becoming an entrepreneur is a risk and without self-belief and confidence, you will be easily swayed from the pathway of realising your dreams. Allow yourself to be your biggest fan and trust your passion and knowledge to drive your success. Rather than focusing your energy on being perfect, become motivated by life-long learning.

FEAR 2: Seeking funds from sponsors or investors.

SOLUTION 2: Creativity, creativity, creativity!   

Once you know why someone should pay money to invest in your business idea, thinking outside the box to translate that message across to potential investors is when creativity comes into play. Turn your perspective around, and think about what would intrigue and excite you as a potential investor. Getting their attention and standing out is key. But remember, your product doesn’t have to be completely unique or new to the world to interest investors – it’s all in the delivery.

FEAR 3: Lacking education to be successful.

SOLUTION 3: It is never too late for tertiary education.    

While experience is invaluable in today’s business climate, learning the theory and principles to accompany that experience can be just as important. Modern business leaders often express how education formalises their knowledge, enhances their credibility and provides them with a greater awareness and understanding of business strategy. With the plethora of study modes and options available; from online to on campus, accelerated courses to short courses – juggling study, working life and personal commitments can be very achievable. Ultimately, attaining the knowledge you need to improve your skills will help build your confidence and overcome your fears.      

What do you think?

What are some of the fears that you have or have experienced in business? What tactics or methods have you implemented to help you overcome your worries, or can you suggest other tips to help? I’d love to hear other advice you can give to readers.

This article was written by Tina Beatrice on behalf of the Australian Institute of Business. All opinions are that of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of AIB.

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