3 Perceived Barriers to the MBA and How to Break Through Them

3 Perceived Barriers to the MBA and How to Break Through Them

If you’ve always wanted to study an MBA but are yet to do so, ask yourself why that might be. Time, money and confidence in ones self are common answers to this question. Identifying the barriers is the first step, but how can you break through them to achieve your goal of completing an MBA? Read on for some practical advice on how to push through these perceived barriers, and you could be on your way to an MBA in just one year.


Time is one of life’s most precious assets, and every day we are faced with dozens of choices as to how we will spend this treasured resource. An MBA does require a time investment, but as do all the important things in life. Nothing in this world worth having comes easy. You are in control of how you spend your time, and if an MBA is a priority to you, you will be able to find the time. When studying the Australian Institute of Business’ 12 Month MBA programme, it is recommended that 150 hours per subject is invested in studying the MBA. With flexible study options and the distance learning study mode, our students have found this to be quite practical. See how busy AIB students scheduled their time to fit the MBA into their lives here.


While an MBA is an investment that requires serious consideration for a number of reasons, it can be far more affordable and flexible than you think. It’s a great investment in your career, in your professional and personal development, and can be a tax deductible expense (discuss this with your accountant to see where you stand).

There are also often a number of payment options available. For example, higher education providers such as the Australian Institute of Business offer FEE-HELP to eligible Australian Citizens. FEE-HELP is an Australian government loan scheme which assists students in paying for part, or all, of their tuition fees. Whilst this is a loan not a scholarship, it can contribute greatly to the financial burden of significant upfront fees.

Consider talking to your employer about your interest in studying an MBA, as many companies offer financial support to employees who are undertaking tertiary studies.


Ultimately the perceived time and money barriers to completing your MBA are often more relating to your self-belief and confidence rather than actual time or money limitations.  Many people doubt themselves, and sometimes – just sometimes – it becomes easier to just not do something through fear of failure.  The MBA is a flexible, yet structured programme designed to complement your life, not complicate it.  If you have always dreamed of completing your MBA, you have some work experience under your belt and you have a desire to engage and grow your career, just believe in yourself and stride confidently into the future. With determination and focus you can push through any perceived barriers that could potentially stand in your way.

What do you think?

Investing in your future by enrolling in an MBA degree is something you will never regret, but it is human nature to often put off the things in life that really challenge us. So, what is holding you back from studying an MBA, or what held you back before you studied your MBA?

Are you considering pursuing further study? AIB’s flexible MBA programme may be the right fit for you. Download an MBA course brochure to find out more.

This article was written by Ellenor Day-Lutz on behalf of the Australian Institute of Business. All opinions are that of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of AIB.

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