5 Reasons Why MBAs Are In High Demand

5 Reasons Why MBAs Are In High Demand

Obtaining an MBA is a great way to boost your career and formalise your business knowledge, but if there is a skerrick of doubt in your mind, just check out these five reasons why MBA graduates are in great demand in Australia and internationally.

REASON #1:  Not everyone has one

One of the main reasons employees with MBAs are in demand is because not everyone has one. It’s as simple as demand and supply. By completing your MBA, you are raising your desirability as an employee significantly and showing prospective employers that you are intelligent, driven and at the top of your game. The pathway to successfully obtaining an MBA is not an easy one, and it takes great dedication, commitment and organisation skills (especially if you’re also juggling work and/or family). Companies realise this and that’s why they’re going to want great people just like you to be part of their team.

REASON #2:  It shows you’re motivated and ambitious 

Having an MBA also demonstrates that you are a motivated and ambitious person, as an MBA is a serious commitment to your future. These are desirable characteristics in an employee and things that will likely impress your future employer. People with MBAs have a strong sense of purpose, they know what they want, they are decisive and they relish in the opportunity to use their initiative in the workplace. Who wouldn’t want to employ someone with an MBA?

REASON #3:  Obtaining an MBA means you’re serious for success

Committing to a post-graduate programme of study shows 100% commitment to your career and screams to prospective employers that you’re serious for success.  By backing yourself in the MBA programme, you encourage others to back you too. Companies want employees that can hit the ground running, they want people with a sound knowledge base across a broad range of areas and disciplines, and they want tomorrow’s future leaders – and that is exactly what an employee with an MBA can deliver.

REASON #4:  An MBA provides an excellent grounding for a management position

MBA graduates have an excellent grounding for working in management and leadership positions. Within the AIB MBA programme, core subjects cover areas such as finance, marketing, leadership, strategic management, human resources, and corporate governance.  This ensures all students are provided with a solid foundation of knowledge before moving on to more specialist areas.  There are a number of areas you can choose to specialise in, including entrepreneurial management, logistics & supply chain management, human resources and marketing.  Choosing a specialisation allows you to further hone your skills in a particular niche area which is a real asset out in the job market when you’re competing against others for your dream role.

REASON #5: Top companies see employing people with an MBA as an investment

Employing people with an MBA qualification is a great investment and the top companies, both here in Australia and overseas, recognise this. In the cut-throat corporate world of today, it’s a far better decision to invest in the right people than to save costs up front and end up with the wrong people.

What do you think?

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This article was written by Ellenor Day-Lutz on behalf of the Australian Institute of Business. All opinions are that of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of AIB.

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