6 Key Steps To Enrol In The AIB MBA

6 Key Steps To Enrol In The AIB MBA

As the MBA is no ordinary degree, every school’s enrolment process encompasses several steps to ensure that only the most suitable students can proceed. To enrol in the AIB MBA in particular, there are six steps that every potential student must carry out. These steps are detailed, however one of AIB’s expert Course Advisors will be there to guide you each step of the way. If you’re looking to enhance your career through the MBA programme, the below six steps provide an outline for enrolling with AIB.

1. Get reading

The first step, and the most crucial, is to gather all available information on the programme. Read through the information on our website and download the MBA brochure, which details everything from the course structure to support systems and specialisation options. This is an important step as it enables those considering their options to get a feel for the AIB programme and prepare any questions they may have to discuss with a Course Advisor.

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2. Speak to a Course Advisor

After having a read through the programme brochure, the next step is to have a one-on-one chat with an AIB Course Advisor. Throughout this chat the Course Advisor will discuss everything from your interest in the programme, the commitment required and your eligibility based on your work experience and past studies. Never fear if you do not hold a tertiary qualification – there are various pathways for entry into the programme and this is what a Course Advisor can discuss with you. It is also a good opportunity to address personal goals and priorities to ensure that the MBA is the best study option for you.

3. The Smarter Measure readiness test 

This online test is an important step of the application process as it measures ones readiness to study the MBA, helping applicants to make an informed decision. It’s a great indicator of what you’ll need to be successful in the MBA, assessing competencies such as time management, learning style, motivating factors and online ability. Once complete, your Course Advisor will review the results and contact you to discuss next steps.

4. Online application and collation of documentation

If a Course Advisor deems you eligible and suitable, the next step to enrol in the AIB MBA will be to complete an application and provide supporting documentation. Depending on your pathway into the programme, the documentation required may include copies of transcripts and parchments, your CV, referee forms validating professional experience or relevant business ownership documentation. Once submitted, your application and documentation will then be assessed by the AIB Admissions team. This allows AIB to ensure that the experience and qualifications are valid, and progress the application to the next stage.

5. Accept your offer

If you are deemed suitable to enrol in the AIB MBA programme, congratulations! You will now receive an electronic Letter of Offer – the official offer for your enrolment into the programme. This letter will detail the steps required to secure your place in the next intake. Once confirmed, you will also receive your timetable which includes key administration and assessment dates.

6. Congratulations! Your MBA journey starts now

Upon confirming your timetable and making payment, you are officially enrolled in the AIB MBA programme! You are now considered a student and will gain access to the AIB learning portal to complete the important orientation module, read through the AIB online resources and get prepared to start your study. 

This article was written by Laura Hutton on behalf of the Australian Institute of Business. All opinions are that of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of AIB. 


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