6 Tips for Balancing Your MBA with Work and Life to Avoid Burnout

6 Tips for Balancing Your MBA with Work and Life to Avoid Burnout

Investing in your future by enrolling in an MBA degree is something you will never regret, but deciding to tackle further study while continuing to work full-time takes great organisational skills and time management to be successful. Here we discuss six tips for finding and maintaining the balance that is required if you lead a busy yet fulfilling lifestyle.

1. Don’t take on more than you can handle

When you’re excited about starting a new course of study, it’s easy to get swept away with the idea that you need to finish it ASAP. It’s great to be ambitious, but if you work and have family and life commitments, you need to carefully consider what is possible within your current schedule. With flexible study options like those offered at AIB, you can ease your way into your new routine and find the right rhythm for you. Plan your timetable in stages rather than all at once as your situation may change throughout your studies and consider distance learning options to avoid travel time.

2. Tell your boss about your study plan and deadlines

Most employers love to hear their staff are interested in further education, and if you’re really lucky, they might even help you pay for it. Before you enrol, discuss your plans with your boss and ask about the possibility of flexible working arrangements around your study commitments. Not all employers can offer study leave, but getting your boss on board will ensure you have the workplace support you need to help you get through the busy times.

3. Get organised

As soon as you have your course outline, deadlines and exam dates, make sure you diarise them along with any of your major work commitments. It’s no good finding out at the last minute you have an exam on the same day as a product launch at work – that’s not going to end well! Set aside some time each month for planning and prioritising your workload and set achievable goals to keep you on track.

4. Schedule family and social time without feeling guilty

It’s great to be focused on your studies and work, but time with your family and friends is also an important part of life. Make sure your busy schedule still allows for sufficient leisure time, and don’t feel guilty for taking time out. Yes, you may have a thousand other things you could be doing, but try not to think about that and enjoy the moments with your nearest and dearest.

5. Take care of yourself

It’s easy to get caught up in the rat race of work and study, family and life, but don’t forget to look after yourself in the process. A healthy diet, regular exercise and relaxation time are key success factors for a healthy life, and making sure you get adequate sleep each night will keep you alert and productive.

6. Be proud of what you’re doing

If Master’s degrees were easy, everyone would have one. Don’t lose sight that you should be proud of what you’re doing. Recognise that you are an intelligent and motivated individual striving to achieve in your chosen career. It will be worth it, and your hard work will pay off. With sufficient planning, great organisation skills and a focus on balance in your life, you will succeed without burning out in the process.

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This article was written by Ellenor Day-Lutz on behalf of the Australian Institute of Business. All opinions are that of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of AIB.

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