7 AIB MBA Facts You Need To Know

7 AIB MBA Facts You Need To Know

When you’re in the market for a MBA, choosing your provider is an important and sometimes difficult decision. Every school will have its strengths, however it is essential to make the decision based on the programme or provider that will meet your needs best. Whether you need a programme to suit your working lifestyle, or one which will see you gain a practical perspective – the AIB MBA is for you. To learn more about what makes the AIB MBA programme so unique, read the following seven MBA facts.

1. Accelerated structure

The AIB MBA has a unique programme structure which allows students to complete it within just 12 months while they work. For those looking for quick results this is perfect, but never fear if you’d like to take it a bit slower – you have up to three years to complete all 12 subjects should you wish.

2. Fully accredited

When choosing your MBA provider, it is important to review their accreditation. Accreditation ensures the quality and integrity of the business school, meaning you receive the best education possible. It also ensures that your degree will be recognised and respected around the world, by both industry and government.

3. Distance learning option

Distance learning is revolutionary in study as it means that you can study anywhere, any time. Catering for working professionals, AIB understands that flexibility is key to the success of many students. Distance learning allows course materials to be distributed, discussed, analysed and understood, regardless of geographical location and time zone.

4. One subject per month

This unique accelerated structure allows AIB MBA students to undertake one subject per month. When both working and studying, this allows for complete study focus to be placed on one topic, and therefore allows the study to fit in around existing commitments.

5. Affordable programme

As one of the most affordable MBA’s to choose from, AIB MBA students reap the benefits. From the ability to continue earning an income throughout the programme, to payment options including significant savings if tuition is paid up front, there are a number of unique choices which will make the MBA an affordable option.

6. Stage-by-stage programme

Many prospective students are unaware that you can in fact earn qualifications throughout your AIB MBA journey. Upon completion of four subjects you are eligible for your Graduate Certificate, after eight subjects your Graduate Diploma, and after the full 12 you will be eligible for the Master. Gaining qualifications along the way not only motivates you until the end, it can also allow you to achieve goals such as pay rises before graduating from your MBA.

7. Practical MBA

Last but certainly not least is the practical business perspective gained throughout the AIB MBA. Not only can you see an immediate return on investment as you apply your learning into the workplace, you also gain an overall business understanding which extends much more than theory. Graduates enjoy the benefits of relating to employees and colleagues on a more hands-on level.

What do you think?

The above points are just seven facts which make the AIB MBA unique – but there are certainly more out there. I’d love to hear from current and past students as to why they chose the AIB MBA programme over others, as well as any questions from prospective students. Comment below and join the AIB conversation.

 This article was written by Laura Hutton on behalf of the Australian Institute of Business. All opinions are that of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of AIB.   

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