The AIB MBA Online Info Session What Will I Learn?

The AIB MBA Online Info Session What Will I Learn?

Starting next week, AIB will be hosting a series of 30 minute online information sessions on our 12 Month MBA programme, providing an interactive channel for those considering a Master’s degree to find out more about the AIB MBA and have their questions answered in real-time.

While post-graduate education is an investment in your future, it is nonetheless a financial and time investment that requires careful consideration to choose the programme suitable for you.

To provide clarity, our MBA online info session will cover a number of topics, including what differentiates AIB from other providers, what is learnt throughout the MBA and opportunities for global networking. In addition, we will the answer the questions which are most commonly asked, and are explained below.

Why study the 12 Month MBA?

Understanding your personal motivation for studying an MBA prior to commencement is of utmost importance, as this can have an effect on your chosen provider, how you approach each subject and the desired outcome. The online info session will touch on these motivators and explain how the AIB MBA can help you to achieve your goals.

How can I fit the MBA into my life?

Before undertaking an MBA, it is important to have an understanding of the time investment required and how it can integrate into your life. AIB’s flexible monthly learning model allows students to study 12 subjects in 12 months or complete them over 3 years if required. This means that students have the power to plan their study schedule to suit them and to accommodate for important periods such as family holidays and busy projects at work.

What support is available?

While AIB does offer on-campus study in Adelaide and at our international Teaching Centres, distance learning is our most popular mode of study, as it allows students to study online and from anywhere in the world. As a distance learning student, having accessible and helpful administrative and academic support is crucial.

Am I eligible to study?

As an MBA is a post-graduate qualification, there are requirements which must be met to be eligible to study. Factors including an applicant’s previous qualifications, work experience and managerial experience are assessed, but are not exclusively required for entry. Therefore, having an understanding of this eligibility criteria is important, and will be covered in the info session.

How much will it cost?

During the 12 Month MBA online info session, our Course Advisors will explain just how affordable an MBA with AIB is. The course investment for both on-campus and distance learning study will be covered.

This article was written by Megan Baker on behalf of the Australian Institute of Business. 

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