The AIB MBA – Australia’s Most Popular MBA

The AIB MBA – Australia’s Most Popular MBA

With many Master of Business Administration (MBA) programmes on offer, it can be difficult to know which degree will be the right fit for you. Each MBA programme has its strengths, but ultimately you must choose the option that will work best with your lifestyle and enable you to achieve career goals. At the Australian Institute of Business (AIB), we’re proud to offer Australia’s most progressive MBA for working adults who are serious about achieving their career goals. We are committed to the continuous improvement of our programme, with the student experience and career outcomes at the heart of everything we do. For those interested in learning more, we discuss some of the key features that make our programme unique below.

Our programme structure is highly flexible

Those who work full-time throughout their MBA need a highly flexible option that will enable them to fit study into their life – and not the other way around. The AIB MBA has been developed with this in mind, offering flexibility to ensure that the programme is an achievable feat.

There are several programme features that make this all possible – the first being regular intakes and start dates. Unlike traditional universities that follow a semester structure, AIB offers a number of intakes throughout the year so that you can begin your MBA when it suits you.

Secondly, the MBA is delivered in single subject blocks, allowing students to delve deep into each subject and apply the learnings to real life scenarios – rather than juggle multiple subjects at once. Each study period is seven weeks in length, with a week off in between each subject to reflect and recharge, without losing that study momentum.

Finally, the MBA consists of three stages, each a postgraduate qualification which is earned every four subjects. These are the Graduate Certificate in Management, Graduate Diploma in Management and lastly the Master of Business Administration. Should students need to postpone their studies for a period of time, they can do so knowing they’ve already earned a qualification or two, and achieved an important milestone.

Each of these unique programme features enable greater flexibility and choice for the student, allowing them to complete the programme on a timeline that is achievable for their personal circumstances, and get the most from the experience.

Study anywhere, anytime with the Student Learning Portal

When you study the AIB MBA, the student learning portal will become your go to resource. Home to all subject guides, learning materials, lectures, discussion forums, support documents and more, the innovative learning portal has been developed with the online student user experience in mind. Students can follow a clear learning path for each subject and access the portal on any device at any time, from anywhere in the world. This level of flexibility means that no student is at a disadvantage when studying via online learning, ensuring that the programme remains highly achievable, no matter your schedule.

Our business network is global

When students choose AIB for their MBA studies, they join a global community of over 16,000 students, alumni, academics and industry experts from over 90 countries. The AIB reputation is recognised on a global scale, ensuring that students can achieve real results no matter where in the world their career takes them. This diverse community also enables abundant opportunities for networking – in-person at AIB student and alumni networking events held across Australia and Canada, and of course via online platforms.

Industry partners enrich the curriculum with practical insights

AIB has always been considered ‘the practical business school’ as our programme content and assessments blend theory with practice to deliver a real-world understanding for professionals.

Now, AIB students can learn directly from some of Australia’s most well-recognised CEOs, executives and brands thanks to the business school’s industry partnership initiative. LinkedIn, Haigh’s Chocolates, Edible Blooms and the Australian Marketing Institute are amongst the first industry partners collaborating with AIB to deliver a truly practical and relevant learning experience. This important initiative sees renowned leaders contribute to the MBA curriculum as guest lecturers, sharing case studies, business lessons, and practical advice gained from their years of experience.

Student wellbeing is a top priority

When you enrol in AIB’s MBA, you can be confident that you’ll be fully supported each step of the way. In addition to academic support and our student services, we are also proud to offer AIB ASSIST – a free of charge external resource that provides students an accessible suite of life and wellbeing support services. The service connects AIB students with experienced professionals, from registered psychologists and social workers, to career coaches, financial counsellors and lifestyle or nutrition coaches. We believe that happier, healthier students are more likely to achieve success in their studies, so we wholeheartedly encourage students to make the most of AIB ASSIST.

The learning experience is enhanced with

Another unique element to AIB’s support offerings is the introduction of access to online learning courses, which offers tutorials that can help MBA students achieve their personal and professional goals. With more than 5,500 different courses to choose from, students can explore everything from how to improve writing skills to deliver presentations, as well as personal hobbies and areas of interest as well. This offering adds another element to the MBA, as students can work on their personal and professional growth, in the comfort of their home or on the go. courses start from just one hour in duration and students are encouraged to take advantage of this free access during their studies.

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