How The MBA Can Make You More Competitive

How The MBA Can Make You More Competitive

In business, you must take every opportunity that you can in order to stay competitive in your field. This means making activities such as networking and professional development a priority, allowing you to meet valuable contacts and gain new skills. Respected degrees such as the Master of Business Administration (MBA) provide graduates with a competitive edge that many desire. The degree doesn’t just teach important business knowledge, it also boost students confidence in their abilities and helps them to gain more respect in the workplace. If you’re wondering how the MBA can make you more competitive in your role, see the below points. 

It’s beneficial to your employability

Today’s job market is more competitive than ever, but statistics show that the hiring of MBAs is still on the rise. According to the Graduate Management Admission Council, 2016’s robust hiring market favours MBA talent, showcasing the strongest employer demand for recent graduates since 2010. The MBA can make you more competitive when applying for a new position thanks to the diverse skillset and level of experience that you boast. MBAs are known to be innovative, problem solvers and ready to hit the ground running. It’s no surprise that employers recognise this and statistics continue to favour the increased hire of MBAs.

Your credibility within the workplace increases

The MBA is a qualification that is both recognised and respected around the world. Students find that they gain an additional level of credibility post-MBA, and that their input is valued much higher than before. Ruchi Ladkani, who works in Business Development at the Sydney International Convention Centre, explained that after her MBA, she felt that she had a lot more influence as her degree backed up her contributions. She felt that the MBA increased her personal currency in the workplace, in turn, making her more competitive when compared to other colleagues.

It’s the point of difference often needed

As a holistic business programme, the MBA is a great opportunity to step outside your comfort zone and learn skills in all areas of business. For many, it’s the competitive edge that they need to stand out from other colleagues who are experts in one field, but perhaps lack understanding of the remaining business functions. For Dina Kotsopoulos, AIB MBA graduate and Head of Panorama Product Management and Implementation at DT Financial, the MBA was all about standing out from the pack. She said, “Financial services is a really competitive industry and we’re always looking for ways to differentiate ourselves”.

When applying for jobs, recruiters are looking for candidates with a point of difference – someone who can offer more than experience in the field. According to Business Because, obtaining an advanced degree is a smart career booster and is often needed for many business roles. Companies often seek graduates with an MBA, Master of Finance or advanced technology qualifications. The MBA can make you more competitive as it demonstrates your advanced knowledge, as well as your ability to make long-term commitments to a challenging journey. 

You’ll enjoy greater confidence in your abilities

While many MBAs have years of practical experience behind them, they often seek a formal qualification such as the MBA to validate the way they do business. The MBA can make you more competitive as you gain increased confidence in your abilities, and therefore approach business in a more confident manner. Janaka Herat, an AIB graduate and Business Manager, explained that the MBA gave him the gumption to go out and try something new and to step out of the box. Students find that they can contribute more confidently and articulately at meetings, and can approach decision-making, leadership, and risk with greater ease. As a result, this makes them more competitive in their field as they can bring more to the table and contribute at a higher level.

You’ll grow a strong business network

As much as we hate to admit it, occasionally in business it can be about who you know rather than what you know. Strong business contacts can be invaluable when it comes to making deals, increasing your knowledge and advancing your career, so it’s important to make networking a priority. The MBA presents a number of unique networking opportunities throughout, allowing students the opportunity to graduate with a solid foundation of contacts. You never know who you might meet via an online study forum or at a networking event, and these encounters can shape the rest of your career.


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This article was written by Laura Hutton on behalf of the Australian Institute of Business. All opinions are that of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of AIB. The following sources were used to compile this article: Business Because and Graduate Management Admission Council  

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