4 Areas You Will See ROI From The MBA

4 Areas You Will See ROI From The MBA

No matter which business school you choose to undertake your MBA with, the degree will require significant personal investment. Whilst financial investment is usually the main concern, it is important to note that personal time will also need to be invested into your study. It is therefore no surprise to us that students are interested in learning more about the ROI of the MBA at AIB, and whether their investment will truly see some great results. With an affordable price point, a quality recognised programme and the ability study while you work, we are confident in saying that the level of ROI of the MBA is one which we are very proud to facilitate. If you’re wondering where you will see ROI from investing in the programme, read the following four points to learn more.

1. Increased salary

One of the primary motivators of students undertaking their MBA is career progression and therefore an increased salary. Whilst there is the initial investment into the programme, the majority of students find that their salary will increase upon completion of the MBA. This could be within their current role, or after graduating they may search for a new position that will recognise their achievement and offer a higher remuneration as a result. Depending on the calculated ROI rate, graduates can start seeing positive figures within as little as 2 years, and in some cases even earlier.

2. Lifelong personal and career investment

The MBA is a degree which has stood the test of time, and continues to deliver benefits years after completion. When investing into the programme, it can be considered a lifelong investment as the business and leadership skills learnt throughout will be with you throughout your entire career. It is difficult to put a figure on this benefit, however it is absolutely a form of ROI as the MBA continues to provide value in your leadership and decision-making. As the business environment changes over time, the fundamental skills learnt throughout the MBA will remain as assets.

3. Networking opportunities

Students and graduates agree that whilst a set price cannot be put on networking, the valuable contacts and extensive business network built throughout your MBA are worth a great deal. Many graduates explain that these relationships formed through networking events and activities are priceless, and are considered by many as significant ROI from the MBA. Whether they are fellow students, alumni, faculty staff or guest lecturers – these newly formed relationships are exactly where students are able to seek out high profile internships or new roles.

4. Long-term financial gain

When looking at the big picture of the MBA journey, it is unlikely that many graduates would have gained their initial promotion or pay rise without the degree. It is therefore reasonable to assume that throughout the duration of their career post-MBA, subsequent promotions may have not occurred without the initial post-MBA appointment. When considering the salary increases throughout an entire career after completing an MBA, there is significant long-term financial gain. Whilst we can’t assume that the degree solely contributed to this gain, there is certainly a large portion of the ROI which it can be attributed to.

What do you think?

Is ROI from the MBA one of your primary motives for undertaking the programme? I’d love to hear from graduates who have experienced ROI in other areas of their careers post-MBA, and would be happy to answer questions from anyone considering the degree. Comment your views below and join the AIB conversation.

This article was written by Laura Hutton on behalf of the Australian Institute of Business. All opinions are that of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of AIB.  The following sources were used to compile the article:  

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