Skills You Can Learn In A Specialised Marketing Management MBA Degree

Last modified 23 November 2022
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Skills You Can Learn In A Specialised Marketing Management MBA Degree

When many people think of an MBA, they tend to assume that students are looking for a C-suite, executive-style position – and they are therefore attempting a qualification to help achieve their career goals. An MBA is no longer solely about becoming a CEO – people from across the globe are undertaking the degree in order to cement their business knowledge in a variety of areas.

In undertaking an MBA, some students elect to study a specialised stream, which focuses on one particular area of interest or business discipline where they think they’ll excel, or where they believe the most value lies for their future career. For some students, this passion and drive is in the field of Marketing, and in a managerial role.

Like all MBA degrees, students will gain key skills in leadership, management, operations, finance and human resources – but the marketing specialisation allows students to explore the world of marketing and communications management in greater detail, and develop a stronger understanding of marketing’s role in business management.

Key Communication Skills:

Communication is crucial in any business – if a business has a fantastic product or service on offer but they can’t get the message to the correct market, they are damaging opportunities for growth and establishment. Students in the marketing specialisation are better equipped to understand and lead any marketing and communications campaigns, as well as build concepts and strategies for future development. Planning is just as critical as execution in many marketing campaigns – and specialist MBA students gain both the practical experience and theoretical knowledge required to successfully build and maintain a brand or product.

International Perspective:

Students in the marketing specialisation are also encouraged to explore the many opportunities and challenges presented in international business, especially in marketing to and communicating with a global audience. Marketing students learn about the impacts of culture, custom and distance on consumers and businesses alike, discuss the theories and responsibilities of international business, and explore the notion of globalisation in their industry – allowing them to be skilled in both local and international marketing for their industry.

Creative Development:

Marketing students are not only strategists – they are also often required to think creatively for the benefit of their business. Subjects surrounding the creation and management of new products or services are commonplace in specialised marketing MBA degrees. A student who is able to understand and follow the process of a new product’s creation from the brainstorming level up to distribution is going to be better equipped to market the product, observe any potential issues and manage risks throughout the process. Having the theoretical knowledge to back up creative skills allows marketing specialists to capitalise on a new product and ensure that their business or employer is getting the most from their innovations.

What do you think – would you be interested in learning more about marketing? Which business sector appeals to you most and why? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

This article was written by Simone Ball on behalf of the Australian Institute of Business. All opinions are that of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of AIB.    

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