3 Study Tips For The Digital World

3 Study Tips For The Digital World

With so many study options now involving online or distance learning, it’s no surprise that our methods of study have also adapted. Writing hard copy notes and making photocopies seem a thing of the past with innovative new technologies increasing our efficiency. If you find that you’re still stuck in your old study ways, it could be worth adopting a few new technologies to make your MBA journey that bit easier. To learn some study tips for the digital world of today, see below.

1. Learn how to properly use Google

While Google can be a bit of trial and error with keywords, it is important to understand how the platform works and make the most out of your search.  Understanding search functions such as the tilde and quotation marks will make your results much more tailored. For example, the tilde (~) can be used when searching for synonyms of a word, such as ‘Leadership ~ seminar’. This search will bring up results for ‘leadership’ plus any other word with a similar meaning to ‘seminar’ such as ‘workshop’ or ‘event’. You are also able to search within a specific website by placing ‘Site:’ at the start of the search terms – for example ‘Site:aib.edu.au’. There are a number of different search options which can be used to your advantage – for a more extensive list, click here.

2. Connect with fellow students online

When studying via distance learning, most of your networking will be done in an online environment. Learning how to network online will be one of the most useful study tips for the digital world that you will learn – it is the key to global business relationships. If you aren’t already on LinkedIn, you should join now and begin connecting with fellow MBA students. In addition, use your learning provider’s online tools to your advantage by engaging in group discussions, and forming virtual study groups. Distance learning provides a unique opportunity to connect with businesspeople from around the world, both within and outside of your specific industry.

3. Download the most useful study apps

With so many handy tools now available, this is one of the study tips for the digital world which will save you the most time. If, like the majority of MBA students, you are continuing to work full-time – you’d be crazy not to investigate the potential of these apps. Some of the best options include ‘iStudiez Pro’, helping to keep track of deadlines, grades and more across all Mac devices, ‘Evernote’, more than just a note-taking tool, ‘Dragon Dictation’, a highly accurate dictation tool, and ‘StudyBlue Flashcards’, a digital flashcard creator. If taking notes or physically writing flashcards is a dreaded pastime of yours – these tools will change your life. In addition, you can take the notes and flashcards around the world with you as you access them from any mobile device. Gone are the days where you forget your notebook and are unable to study when you have the time.

What do you think?

Do you have any useful study tips for the digital world to share with our readers? I’d love to hear how you increase your efficiency using online tools, and make studying while you work a manageable process. Comment your views below and join the conversation.

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This article was written by Laura Hutton on behalf of the Australian Institute of Business. All opinions are that of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of AIB. 

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