3 Ways How The AIB MBA Will Better Your Communication Skills

Last modified 08 June 2022
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3 Ways How The AIB MBA Will Better Your Communication Skills

As a student of the Master of Business Administration (MBA), there is no doubt that you will gain a wide range of new skills throughout your journey. From broad leadership skills, to technical skills in specialised areas – no other degree will give you such a holistic understanding of business. Whilst communication is not a specific subject covered throughout the programme, the AIB MBA will better your communication skills greatly. From increased ability to articulate yourself through to improved public speaking skills – the following three ways are areas in which your communication skills will benefit most:

Group-based projects
Whilst group-based projects are not essential in every course, they play a big role in the learning outcomes for both on-campus and distance learning students. Whether it is working in a group environment in person, or working as a group in an online forum – there are some fantastic communication skills to be learnt. Group work allows you to improve on articulating and relaying your ideas, work on your listening and reading skills, as well as better the way in which you communicate with peers. Although students usually dread group-based projects, they are actually one of the most beneficial ways to work. Finally, learning these skills throughout your degree will only assist you in the workplace, as you are bound to work in a team environment for much of your career.

Regular essay writing
The continuous practice of essay writing throughout your AIB MBA will better your communication skills more than you know. Written communication makes up a lot of our roles in the business world, therefore it is an invaluable skill to possess. From writing professional emails, to creating pitch documents or contracts – a high level of written communication will always be an asset. Throughout the MBA, the vast majority of subjects will see you write an essay or research-based project. Not only will you better your ability to convey your points, you will also learn to write succinctly and with purpose as you discuss practical business theories and findings.

Work-applied learning approach
As AIB’s unique learning model, work-applied learning sees students deliver hands-on solutions to real-world business issues. A combination of theory and practice, the model allows students to tackle issues head on, and prepares them for the practical business world that awaits. Using this learning approach, the MBA will better your communication skills as you are confident in approaching these issues, and can convey your ideas with ease. If the programme was purely theory, students would know what to do, but could struggle in applying these skills or communicating these ideas when push came to shove. This approach ensures students are equipped with a practical learning experience, and have no issue implementing their knowledge professionally and with confidence.

What do you think?
Are you a student of the MBA (from any school) who has an opinion on the above? I’d love to hear how you think the MBA affected your communication skills, and whether you saw a positive difference? Comment below to share your views and join the AIB conversation.

This article was written by Laura Hutton on behalf of the Australian Institute of Business. All opinions are that of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of AIB.    

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