The AIB MBA Subjects and Specialisations

Last modified 07 March 2023
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The AIB MBA Subjects and Specialisations

The subjects that an MBA student chooses to undertake as a part of their degree can have quite an impact on their overall experience. While there will always be subjects that students are required to take, there is often an element of choice also. At AIB, students complete eight compulsory subjects known as core subjects, which cover key business units and the topics most relevant to leaders and managers.

Once the seven eight subjects have been completed, the decision can be made to either specialise their MBA or not. When deciding on the right subjects or specialisation for you, it’s important to reflect on what you want to get out of the MBA and where your passion lies. If a student’s goal is to deepen their knowledge and skills in a particular discipline, a specialised MBA may be their choice. When studying with AIB, undertaking a specialisation involves completing three set subjects and a final project in that specialised field.

If a student prefers not to specialise their MBA, they are then able to pick three elective subjects from a possible 15. Whether you make these decisions based on your current employment, where you’d like to take your career, out of interest or for any other reason – the choice is up to you.

Read the full MBA Subject Guide to learn more about the course structure, the key topics and learning outcomes for each core and elective subject, and the final project that all students complete to earn their MBA.

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