Brett Ferguson

Having never done formal study previously, Brett tells us of his success and confidence from doing an MBA.

  • Location:
  • Industry:
    Mining, Resources & Energy
  • Job Function:
  • Programme:
  • Motivation:
    Job promotion Improve professional credibility
  • Challenges:
    Frequent travel Limited previous study experience
  • Year of Graduation:

Would you attribute any of your career success to having done the MBA?

I do attribute to some of my career success from doing the MBA and that’s because I’m not sure I would have been looked at or maybe given the opportunity if I hadn’t completed such a qualification. I’m probably a bit more confident in how I project myself from what I’ve learnt and the other skills I’ve been able to pick up through the MBA journey.

What are the best aspects of being able to study online?

The best aspect about studying online was I was able to see all the content wherever I was. Work is pretty busy; I work all over the state sometimes, so being able to get quick access to all that information was really good. Using the forums and other tools that were made available was great.

Any reflections or thoughts that you have from your MBA journey?

Probably after reflection, I’d say that just starting was the hardest part through the MBA journey. As well as I actually learned a lot more than I thought I would through the whole experience. So, it’s been great.

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