Christine Bridge

Christine secured herself a promotion towards the end of her MBA studies, and she credits not only her business learnings but the confidence to own her seat at the table.

  • Location:
  • Industry:
    Hospitality & Tourism
  • Job Function:
    Marketing & Communications
  • Programme:
  • Motivation:
    Develop knowledge and skills Personal achievement
  • Challenges:
    Balance and Time Management Self-Motivation
  • Year of Graduation:
Christine Bridge

Why did you decide to study an MBA?

I decided to study an MBA because a mentor and a friend told me about it. She had a husband who was studying and he had a high-flying executive job. They also had five children. So I thought (a), if he was enjoying it, and (b), if he could do it with everything that he had going on, that I’d give it a crack.

A lot of the students struggle with time management when they first start, how did you make it work?

Getting your head around time management is really important, especially in the beginning. It probably took me a couple of subjects to work out that actually, at the beginning of the subject, you should work out how long the subject is going to take you, what commitments you’ve got over those weeks, and then slot everything in, and just stick to a timeline and not procrastinate.

How are you applying the skills you learned from the MBA to your role?

When you study your MBA at AIB, there are a lot of models and frameworks that you learn along the way in the different subjects. I’ve found that I’ve actually been able to use those models in my everyday life.

Would you attribute any of your career success to having done an MBA?

When I was studying my MBA with AIB, I got a promotion just before I graduated. I feel like by studying my MBA, it gave me the confidence to feel that I do know about business and I do own my seat at the table.

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