Dr. Kuldeep Kaur


Lecturer in Leadership

Research and teaching specialties

Leadership, Human Resource Management, Organizational Behaviour, Workplace Health and Safety, Sustainability and Ethics, Organization Culture and Climate


Kuldeep has a strong career history with industry and academia. Before joining AIB, she has worked with the University of South Australia and Flinders University and has taught various subjects at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. She has over a seven-year of experience working in the industry, including companies like Nestle and Cadbury.  Kuldeep holds a PhD in organisational behaviour, and the central focus of her research is on organisational climate and its impacts on attitudes and behaviour. She is a competent researcher and loves to extract new relationships in different variables with advanced knowledge of statistical techniques.

Email: kuldeep.kaur@aib.edu.au

Publications and Presentations

Refereed Journal Publications

Kaur, K. and Randhawa, G. (2021), Exploring the influence of supportive supervisors on organisational citizenship behaviour: Linking theory to practice, IIMB Management Review accepted for publication, 32(4)

Kaur, K. and Randhawa, G. (2017), Organizational Climate and Commitment, An analysis of Food Processing Industry of Punjab, Indian Journal of Industrial Relations, 53(2), 265-276. ISSN(Print):0019-5286

Randhawa, G. and Kaur, K. (2017), To Stay or to Quit: The Climate Matters, Business Analyst, 37(2), 209-226. ISSN No. (Print): 0973-211X

Randhawa, G. and Kaur, K. (2014). Organizational Climate and its Correlates: Review of Literature and a Proposed Model, Journal of Management Research, 14(1), 25-40. ISSN (Print): 0972-5814

Kaur, K. and Randhawa, G. (2012). Perception of Organizational Climate of Manufacturing Enterprises in Amritsar: An Empirical Study, Business Analyst, 33(1), 177-190. ISSN(Print): 0973-211X


Non-refereed Publications

Randhawa, G. and Kaur, K. (2016), Organizational Climate and Job Satisfaction: An Empirical Study of a Dairy Cooperative, PSE Economic Analyst, 36(1 & 2)

Randhawa, G. and Kaur, K. (2015), An Empirical Assessment of Impact of Organizational Climate on Organizational Citizenship Behaviour, Paradigm, 19(1), 65-78

Randhawa, G. and Kaur, K. (2012). Perception of Organizational Climate: A Study of Small Enterprises in Amritsar, International Journal of Research in Commerce, Economics & Management, 2(2), 110-113

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